Craft Show Coming Up!

I'm entering my crochet into a craft show this year in early December. I'm super excited but now the hard part begins. I have to finish two more scarves, get everything tagged and coded so they know what is mine and how much and what stock I have. SO EXCITING!! As soon as I know if I'm in and all the details, I'll post a link for more information, dates, times and where it is.

Here's a short preview of what I'll have in the show. I'll have mostly striped scarves, some shell stitch stuff, a few cowls and I'm thinking about putting some dishcloths in but we'll see - I don't think I have enough dishcloths to sell for a set if someone wants more than two.

New Fall Wreaths

 I made myself a new Fall wreath - it's just like the pink one that I made, only I used 4 yards of fabric instead of 3. It's much fuller and definitely better! I've got the hang of making these down, that's for sure!

 This pretty blue one is for my friend Kathy who recently purchased her first house. YAY! It's super cute and I can't wait to give it to her.
Edited for Sarah:

Here's the tutorial I posted earlier this year.

My iPhone Crashed

And burned.


I lost all of my photos from the last two years. I am an idiot and didn't sign up for the iCloud. DO IT NOW IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. Simone's pictures are gone. I feel like the house burned down. But at least I sent Bimmer Man pics every day and put stuff up on Facebook. And videos... the video of her rolling over and me spilling a beer are gone. Darn. But I put stuff up on YouTube so...

They had to restore it twice at the Apple store.

And it crashed when I did the Os6 update. Grrr.... Usually it's Bimmer Man with the phone troubles.


The Catalog Has Arrived

Woo hoo!!!!! Today is almost as great as when the Ikea catalog comes!