New Project - Napkins!

So I've recently discovered that it's going to take me about two weeks to finish this dang project! I wanted to make a new set of napkins for summer... however... it's taking me forever! I have to work between naps, cleaning, taking a shower, etc... and so I've only begun the pinning process. Which is fine, but I'm so used to working so much faster! Goodness gracious!
Above - you can see the Bumbo where Simone sits to watch me. She's entertained for about 10 minutes and then my time is up! Darn!
Fabric - Michael Miller

I LOVE stripes and I really need to use this fabric. I'm going to save a yard so I can make something for Simi for the summer next year. Maybe a little sundress? I dunno... I have to learn how to make clothes!

Happy Tuesday!

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