New Crochet Scarves

I've put a few new crochet scarves up in my Etsy shop but I'm sort of stuck in a rut. I LOVE stripes (what, have I not mentioned this before????!!!??) and yet they take so long to crochet, you have to keep dropping yarn, then weave in all the ends (which when you have stripes it means there's 4 ends to weave in, yuck) and it just takes so darn long. I still can't stop crocheting though!!

I've also been into shell crochet lately - I need to figure out how to make stripes look nice with the shell pattern, the single colors are a little boring unless you have pretty yarn. I'll have to make a few more of these!

And I have to get rid of my stash somehow, maybe a craft show? I'm not really sure I'm up for one quite yet. I've got a few wreaths to sell, some simple jewelry and probably 20 scarves. I'll have to keep an eye out for some upcoming shows and scout them out to see if my stuff would fit in.


Outdoor Dining

 Remember that post from May where I found a few outdoor dining sets and promised pictures of ours?

Well, here it is!! Of course it's raining when I took the picture but you can still see it.
The chairs came with white outdoor cushions, which is fine - but then you can totally see the dirt! With Bimmer Man working in the garage so much, we've relegated a few towels to the back porch to throw over the white cushions. But then when it rains there's more dirt so we store the cushions inside. Love it!


New Project - Napkins!

So I've recently discovered that it's going to take me about two weeks to finish this dang project! I wanted to make a new set of napkins for summer... however... it's taking me forever! I have to work between naps, cleaning, taking a shower, etc... and so I've only begun the pinning process. Which is fine, but I'm so used to working so much faster! Goodness gracious!
Above - you can see the Bumbo where Simone sits to watch me. She's entertained for about 10 minutes and then my time is up! Darn!
Fabric - Michael Miller

I LOVE stripes and I really need to use this fabric. I'm going to save a yard so I can make something for Simi for the summer next year. Maybe a little sundress? I dunno... I have to learn how to make clothes!

Happy Tuesday!