The Monkey

 And here's my first baby:


Ahhh... the great outdoors during summer!

We were lucky to inherit this awesome outdoor dining set from a friend (BARELY USED! HOLY BUCKETS!) and so we no longer have to use the plastic set that I got at Menard's. YAY! (Don't worry, I will have pictures soon, but today it's nasty outside so no pictures... sorry).

But still, I can't help but look at Pottery Barn's latest and greatest because the style totally doesn't fit our house. HA. What style does you might ask? Well, think Mad Men, 50's, 60's, etc.. since our house was built in 1949 it has all the original stuff to it.

And then I get a bit jealous of all the lake houses and shore houses (um, RHONJ, their beach houses are awesome!) and think, how awesome would these be?

Pottery Barn Tavern Stacking Armchair - $199

Pottery Barn Soleil Chair - $159

Ahhh... summer! Sitting outside and enjoying the lovely weather!