To Do This Week

1. I absolutely HAVE to get the garden beds raked out. Unfortunately Bimmer Man slaughtered my only good Hosta in the back yard so I have to go to Home Depot for their 4-for-$10 perennial special and replace it. Oops.

2. Fold laundry.

3. Stare in wonder and amazement and envy at the new West Elm catalog. DID YOU SEE THE RECIPES IN IT???? I want to try the guacamole. YUM.

4. Get the Monkey to a portrait studio. She's growing so quickly that I want to make sure we get photos of how little she is.

5. Clean. As much as I can... We shall see. If I Swiffer at least once, it's been a great cleaning week.

6. Make BBQ pork tenderloin. On the grill.

7. Somehow read the book for book club. Maybe just watch the movie instead. HAHA. That totally reminds me of high school.

8. Find my spring and summer clothes. I don't know where half of them are.

9. Figure out WTF my computer is so freakin' slow. Methinks it's almost time for a new one.

And now some pics of the Monkey:

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Whosyergurl said...

LOVE me some West Elm. Your monkey is soooooooooo adorable! xo, Cheryl