My Fabric Shopping Secrets

Le sigh. Fabric makes me so happy. And there are so many online fabric stores now that it's really hard for me to NOT browse fabric weekly and check to see if they have any fabulous fabrics on clearance.

So I'm sharing my secret shopping spots. Yikes, am I really ready to give them up?

(They have a variety of fabric but since they are well known, they sell out quickly of new and popular fabrics... like Joel Dewberry and some super cute Amy Butler stuff. They don't have as many Japanese prints though. Fabric.com has made at least 3 mistakes on orders, BUT their customer service is awesome and they've always come through with the CORRECT fabric so don't discount them because of this...)

Hawthorne Threads
(This is one of my favorite stores to shop because of the bulk discounts and the fast shipping. They've NEVER made a mistake on any of my orders!)

Pink Chalk Fabrics
(Ooohhh.... this is my favorite place to order patterns from. Like you know... the tunic that I never finished because I can't even get the cut pieces around me to see if the tunic fits. This June though... I WILL have that tunic finished! They have some great deals on fabrics and such a variety as well, you can find more specialized fabrics and more designers)

PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT being paid at all by any of these places. Instead, I'm sharing with you my secret tools to finding fabric that you may like. A lot. And cannot stop yourself from purchasing.

One more quick tip: Before you purchase fabric anywhere, I ALWAYS put the name of the fabric I'm looking at into the search bar in Google Shopping. You can see the price of shipping, where it's cheapest, etc... and find even better deals. These three fabric stores have always had the leading prices AND the best service. Don't forget to check out fabric on Etsy.com too - I've found bargains for cuts of fabric (just 1 or 2 yards!) and sellers have been easy to work with.

Do you have any favorite online fabric stores to share with me? What are some of your fabric shopping tips?

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