Mudroom Envy

So as y'all know... we don't have a mudroom. Instead we have a fantastically carpeted back porch that is pretty much useless 8 months out of the year unless it's to let the dog out. And store recycling until Tuesday (which is recycling day).

I'm jealous of mudrooms. I have this obscene envy of mudrooms.


Have you ever tried to vacuum dried mud out of carpet? It's um, well, not really very fun. Frustrating actually. Or how about ginormous leaves? Did you know that oak tree leaves get stuck in vacuum cleaners? Or that seed starting kits have a tendency to spill all over on carpeted areas of your house? Or um, worn boots to pick up dog poop and realized that you HAVE to take your boots off OUTSIDE to go inside to put them on the boot tray? Yeah.... gross...

So if I could have a mudroom, here's some of the stuff that I would want:

Lockers from Ballard Design

Backless Bench from Ballard Design

Boot Tray from Ballard Design
(I actually bought a knock off one at Target last year for the front entryway and I LOVE it!)

Salvaged Wood Shelf from West Elm

Recycled Denim Jute Rug from West Elm

Oversize Seagrass Basket from West Elm

Ahhh... mudrooms... I really want one!

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