Don't Worry

I'm still here. And still pregnant.

With heartburn, acid reflux, hip pain, back pain and left foot swelling to boot... Thank goodness my last day at work is next week - quite honestly, I can't sit in one spot for more than 30 minutes without it being painful so...

But Rusty has had a bath, the floors are clean (sort of), the bathrooms are clean (mostly), Rusty's dog food is set for the next two months, and I've been a crocheting fool (I'm looking into craft fairs for this spring/summer/fall to sell scarves and stuff...). I've got only a few last minute things to get, food to make and then we should be all set.



Katherine said...

Glad to hear you're doing OK (in the grand scheme of things), but sorry you're not feeling so hot! Let me know (for real) if you need anything or want help before and after your bundle of joy arrives!

Anna@Directions Not Included said...

Almost time!! Sending comfortable thoughts your way!