Valentine's Day Wreath

Last summer I got this AWESOME idea to make a felt circle wreath. It turned out to be the death of me. In fact, it's 7 months later and I'm still not finished with it. Why? Because it takes too freaking long. I plan on just putting it up for sale in my Etsy store when I'm finally finished with it. Good riddance and I hope that someone else enjoys the fruits of my labor. But that might not happen for a few months. And then I got the idea for this wreath from Anna over at Directions Not Included. She's awesome if you haven't started reading her blog. DO IT. You'll be happy about it. But after cutting about 300 felt circles by hand, I've given up. And I've yielded to my trusty cutting mat.
Cut about 2 yards worth of 4 inch x 4 inch squares. I just folded the fabric over twice and cut twice as many as I normally would. You don't have to be precise. At all.
Here's my fantastic stack of fabric. Yes, that's about two yards. I think if I do another one of these (which I totally will!), I'd use three yards of fabric and cut one long strip to cover the white foam so you can't see the white foam through the fabric. No problems so far - but I also have to drive by the front of the house to make sure you can't see the white from the street.
What you'll need next: straights pins, foam wreath.
Take a square of fabric, fold into a triangle (or a rectangle, your preference).
Fold again.
Stick a pin through the bottom.
And pin to the wreath form.
You can either start at one area and work your way around or just pin randomly. I pinned randomly and found that it goes by faster that way. You can watch 3 episodes of "It's a Brad Brad World" and be finished pinning with some pee breaks and a lunch break in between.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Anna@Directions Not Included said...

Love it! Glad I was able to inspire you to get it done. It looks great in that color :)

Katherine said...

I did not know you had an Etsy store. You'll have to tell me the name of it.