To Sew List This Week

I um, accidentally ordered too much zig zag fabric. Like 4 yards too much. So I need to use it up.

Want to know the embarrassing reason of WHY I ordered too much?

Because I didn't look at the width. Oops. Generally speaking, home decor fabric is much wider than the fabric you find on bolts at places like JoAnn Fabrics and Hancock Fabrics. I thought I'd have to make 4 total curtains and not just 2 - but 2 looks good enough for me so...

These pillow covers that I pinned on Pinterest are on my list:

I think I might have to modify the design a bit though - I think I might keep the pocket side on the front and add in a buttonhole. Yikes. That would be my first attempt at buttons. Maybe not.

I can ALWAYS make tote bags (but I never have any of those handle thingys so I make my own with the fabric I have on hand):

I don't know... anyone have any other ideas? Does anyone want anything? I can sew... I just need some ideas!


NotAppealing said...

Zipper pouches. They've been on my list for a while, and you can use them for organizing bags and whatnot =)

Coley said...

how about an apron!? And you can never have too many pillows!