Baby's Room Update

It's coming along. We've got more "things" and furniture - Bimmer Man did an awesome job putting together the changing table and dresser (both are from Ikea).
But still... no artwork. Yesterday I was at Home Goods and found a cutout with a bird and bright paper but it just didn't fit. I don't know what to do. You can see in the corner by the window a poster - it's a Moulin Rouge print that I think will go on that wall. Le sigh. Having no artwork is sad, isn't it?
Here's the awesome dresser with the old curtains. I've got one curtain made and another ready to go (I think I'm going to make a tutorial on curtain-making. It's really easy: Pin, hem, fold the edges, keep sewing and then hang).
Bimmer Man also switched out the old ugly light fixture in here for this one with clouds on it. It's from Ikea.

So... everything is coming along slowly but surely. My baby shower which my awesome friends (Kathy and Andrea) are throwing is next weekend and I'm really excited to see everyone!

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