10 Random Facts

1. Rusty MONSTER the dog has been a pain lately. We sent him to daycare and this is what happened:

 Rusty is standing on the yellow steps.
And here he is on the blue thing. No wonder why he loves climbing on picnic tables. Oh, you didn't know that he likes climbing on picnic tables?

2. Cinnamon Cheerios are awesome.

3. Winter here sort of sucks this year. Last year by this time we had 55 inches of snow... but this year... well, let's just say that I've had to wear rain boots more often.

4. Still searching for artwork for the nursery. Yeesh. It's really for me and Bimmer to look at so it shouldn't be that hard, right?

5. Car racing season starts at 1:30 this afternoon (Saturday). Again, my life goes into "holy-crap-the-car-needs-new--mode" for the rest of the year. 

6. Le sigh. My legs have started swelling and my Frye boots don't fit... About 3 months until I can wear them again.

7. Which reminds me that I want another pair of Frye boots.

8. The magazines on Kindle Fire are AWESOME. I can read without bringing clutter into our house! EXCITING!

9. Oh, Martha Stewart... you impress me with your Valentine's Day tissue paper wreath. Unfortunately that would probably melt if I put it on my front door.

10. I need to learn how to keep the dining room table cleared of clutter. Yikes.

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