When Bimmer Man Is Away...

I can watch whatever I want on tv. YES!!! I'm so excited to either watch Gossip Girl or maybe have a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills night or maybe just watch... well... Bravo. Whatever.

And of course since it's the week of Christmas I need to clean, finish up some sewing projects so we can eat Christmas dinner at the dining room table, and um, maybe finish decorating??? HAHA. I didn't even put up a tree this year. I decided that a mini tree, over-sized ornaments and a small rug were more than enough.

Besides, Minnesota is having a brown Christmas this year.

West Elm emailed me today saying that the awesome rug shipping (excellent news!) and tomorrow I'm going to be sanding, priming and hopefully painting the trim white in the spare bedroom. Do I really want to paint the windows? No, but I will. They tilt in to wash, so hopefully I can figure out how to do it without another person so I can paint the actual windows instead of just the window trim (Um, yeah... I can be lazy...).

And then to Home Depot to hopefully color match the Benjamin Moore color that Bimmer and I picked out.

So... Merry Christmas week to everyone! Hopefully you get everything done before this weekend and hopefully I won't spill any paint!

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