In Love With A Chair


Like a lot. Like enough that I would buy it and decorate a whole room around it.

I sit in it every.single.freaking.time I go to Restoration Hardware. I just can't help myself.

But mayday, we've got a problem. Not only is it out of our price range BUT IT'S TOO BIG FOR OUR HOUSE.

Yes, our teeny, tiny 1949 faux cape cod is just too freaking small for this chair. It would have to be the only chair in the living room.

And yet I love it anyway.

Maybe in a future house 20 - 30 years from now (do you think Restoration Hardware will still be making this chair???). Maybe when we don't have kids with sticky fingers and muddy dog paws.

But goodness gracious, doesn't this chair just make you want to curl up with a book, a hot toddy (ok, maybe a Jack & Coke or a nice LARGE glass of really good red wine) and a fake fur blanket in front of a fire while it's snowing outside?

A girl can dream...

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