The Christmas Card Conundrum

I just realized something.

Not all of our friends are on facebook.

Yes, I did type that correctly. NOT ALL OF OUR FRIENDS ARE ON FACEBOOK.

And I don't ever send out photo Christmas cards. I like to buy the cards that benefit some charity - like the Unicef cards or something like that (but then when you read the fine print they generally say something like, "we donate up to 1 million dollars" and then you think to yourself, "YOU ASSHOLES. You're cheating the poor needy kids by only donating 1 million dollars!" I also have a tangent on the commercials for non-profits where they have celebrities begging for money for charity - dude, they make more the general public and they are part of the 1%, why don't they just donate their money instead of begging the regular people for  their money and save themselves on marketing? Screw making a commercial, the celebrities could probably PAY for the commercial. GAH).

And I don't type notes and stick them in the cards. I rarely type any sort of greeting except for "Merry Christmas, hope all is well" and then our names. And yes, Rusty is part of the family and yes, he does sign his own name every once in awhile. I did buy a special inkpad for dog paws for one year.

I really don't give out much information about us. At all.

In fact, if I got one of our Christmas cards in the mail, I'd probably think, "If they aren't going to tell us a freakin' story about themselves, why bother sending one at all?"

And then I remember why I do it.

Because it's pretty fun. And I like receiving cards so I feel like I should send them out because other people like getting Christmas cards too. I like to share the Christmas card love.

But I digress.

Not everyone knows that I'm pregnant. I guess I don't advertise well enough. But it's not like I want to rent a billboard or anything like that.

And a few days ago we got a Christmas card from a couple that moved to a different state and they had a little note typed up with all of their news from the year (their lovely dog is 2, they bought a house, they went on vacation). THESE ARE THE PEOPLE NOT ON FACEBOOK.

And I had already sent their card out.


Maybe next year we'll do a photo card.

Hopefully they won't think that we just took some random baby off the street to put in our Christmas card photo.

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