Homemade Salsa

Just when you think summer is over... BAM. I bring out the homemade salsa. It's delicious, to be quite honest. Almost all of the ingredients came from my garden (except for the canned tomatoes, but you can use whole peeled tomatoes - just drop the tomatoes in a boiling pot of water until you can peel the skin off).

I made a ginormous batch of this salsa - I put a ton in the freezer for over this winter, so never fear, you can ALWAYS freeze and eat.

And of course, just a reminder, since I'm fairly forgetful myself, to wear gloves when you're working with the jalepenos (or wash your hands a lot and don't touch your face).

So, here's the recipe:

2 cans of diced tomatoes, or really any kind of tomatoes
2 jalepenos, seeded (unless you like heat, then leave the seeds in)
Cilantro - a good bunch
1/2 red onion to start, but have the other half handy to add just in case
Salt, pepper
Maybe a dash of tobasco if you think you're worthy

I wasn't sure how this was going to go... so I put everything into a big bowl (see picture above) and then I just dumped everything into a HUGE food processor and processed away. This is serious restaurant style, non-chunky salsa and it's delicious.

I made little changes here and there - I added in another few hunks of onion, more salt, and a few dashes of tobasco per Bimmer Man's instructions.

So there. Go make your own salsa! Easiest thing to make in the entire world!

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