Help Me With Growing Grass

This is the part of our backyard where the dogs play. They tear up the grass, rough house, roll around and pretty much ruin the grass. I've taken the liberty of showing you the WORST spot in our yard.


Well, because I need some help. How in the world do I grow grass here? You can tell that I'm experimenting with grass seed - I spread out a bag of black dirt, tossed some seed and kept it watered. This is after a week. I just don't know if it's worth it to do the rest of the dead part or not. Well, unless there is some secret grass that holds up to dogs (anyone know?).

I think I'm going to rope it off next week and throw down more black dirt and try to seed the rest of the dead spots. GAH. It's just grass - I shouldn't care too much, but I just HATE when Rusty comes in with muddy paws.

Any thoughts or suggestions? I tried to embrace the mud but I just can't do it anymore. I'm not a fan.

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Directions Not Included said...

How big are your dogs? We have three crazy little ones and have done well with bermuda grass in the shade and where they play. We used seed in some areas in our yard. We live in Florida so I'm not sure what type of grass works in your area though.