Funny Story About Shaving Cream

Yes, yes, that's right. Sometimes I tell stories about things that happen to me.

Like my dog is an asshole (really, he totally is. But if he were a person I think he would either be a laid back surfer dude or maybe just a d-bag. Some days it's hard to tell!).

In any case.

Remember having roommates in college and your bath stuff would disappear pretty quickly? I never really understood until after I moved in with Bimmer Man and shaving cream would last two months instead of two weeks. Or how I always seemed to need new razors, shampoo, conditioner and body wash weekly but then when I moved in with Bimmer Man he didn't really want to smell like girly bath products so I didn't need to buy them so often. Huh. Makes you wonder, right?

Well, I've been buying the Skintimate Shaving Cream for as long as I can remember. It's pretty floofy and foamy but still, it's shaving cream and it doesn't give me razor burn.

So today I used my new stuff (thank you, Costco for carrying Gillette Sensitive Skin and letting me try this stuff out).

I put the same amount of shaving cream in my hands that I normally use and BAM!!!

That stuff foamed up faster than you can say Minnesota.

I'm almost embarrassed about this. Almost. 

There was so much foam, that if I wanted to, I probably could have shaved my whole body. Seriously.

Ok, so maybe for a nanosecond I thought about shaving my head so I wouldn't waste shaving cream.

But I just wanted to share with you my new love of Gillette Sensitive Skin shaving cream. It's foamy. You don't need to use too much (because if you do, you'll end up having to clean the whole entire shower of shaving cream OR realize when you're done cleaning that shaving cream somehow managed to reach the ceiling when you were trying to shake it off your hands and the razor because it didn't exactly rinse off as easily as your old shaving cream), and it doesn't give you razor burn.

Is this post because Gillette paid me? NO. It's because I wanted to warn you before you use it and have to clean up a mess of shaving cream.

Happy weekend!

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