CSA Recipe - Grilled Cauliflower

Since I've obtained a grill basket, I've become much more daring with the grill. Bimmer Man grills hot dogs, I grill meals, just to clarify our relationships with the grill. I LOVE trying new ideas, recipes, veggies all the time and if it were my choice to purchase certain veggies at the grocery, I probably would not. When cauliflower and broccoli ended up in the last CSA box, I was pleasantly surprised!

And to the grill they went! And into the grill basket so they wouldn't fall through the grates...

All that's on the cauliflower - Moroccan seasoning, salt, pepper and veggie oil.

Quick tip: Veggie oil has higher smoking rate than olive oil, so I try and use veggie oil on the grill instead of olive oil if I can remember!

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