Crochet Project - Baby Blankets

So I hope that I'm not ruining any surprises here (because the baby shower hasn't taken place yet!) but I think I'm safe to post because I don't think the new mom reads my blog (ok, I'm crossing my fingers here!). New house projects and sewing projects have taken a back seat to this project because it takes me about 3 - 4 weeks to finish each blanket and I just found out about the date of the shower back in May so I've been crocheting like a mad woman.

And from the pics below - can you tell it's twins?

I HATE baby colors - baby blue, baby pink, nope, definitely not for me. I like bold colors and mostly I like them because that way the finished piece looks store bought and not homemade. I hate that. Looking homemade is the bane of my existence for crochet. Mostly because homemade items then get put in the next garage sale or whatnot. Yep, I know. I know - people keep stuff only because a certain person made it and not because they like it. Yes, I've been on the receiving end so I know!

The zig-zag stitch is super easy for crochet, it's just about counting stitches and making sure you've got enough rows to match your length so it's a square at the end (or a longer rectangle if you're making a throw blanket). I'm almost finished with the blue one, I just need to weave in the ends of the stripes and get the edging done. For that, it's just simple - like the pink one.

I hope the babies and the mom enjoy the colors (I'm fairly certain the girl next door likes the colors and she's 4, I had to ask because I don't what's popular for girls now, I haven't baby-sit in a VERY LONG TIME). 

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