10 Random Things About Me Today

1. I've got the urge to sew this afternoon.

2. I LOVE my orbital sander. Thank you, Bimmer Man.

3. I am wearing a Journey T-shirt today.

4. I've got leftover pasta with tomatoes & fresh basil for lunch

5. I've hopped on the skinny jean bandwagon a bit late but they make my short legs look longer.

6. I wish that we would've done the CSA weekly instead of bi-weekly. At least there's always next year.

7. Bruegger's. I love bagels.

8. The awful carpet needs to be ripped out of the basement.

9. And I'm going to paint the entry-way Persimmon. It's my goal to be achieved this weekend. Oops, I forgot to tell Bimmer Man. Well, it'll either be a surprise when he reads this or gets home from racing.

10. I need to stop procrastinating and get this darn tunic sewn. Saturday, people, I will do it on Saturday. Oh, wait - that's when I'm painting. Ok, Friday night maybe?

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