What's in the CSA Box This Week?

Asian Greens Mix
Broccoli - Raab
Collard Greens
Green Garlic
Pea Vine
Spring-dug Parsnips
Yellow Potatoes
I'm so freakin' excited!!!
We're sharing a CSA box with our neighbors this year and I cannot wait! This pick-up location is super close to our houses as well so it makes it so much easier. 

Well, well, you might think that living in Minneapolis there's not much local food but alas! There is! There are usually farmer's markets in all the suburbs (I've bought eggs, meat, cheese, pickles, veggies, etc...) AND there's lots and lots of local farms.

My AWESOME neighbor did some research and decided upon Driftless Organics which is based just across the border in Wisconsin. So not only are they organic BUT they send us emails with photos of all of their hardwork! Awesome, no?

So this summer my goal is to blog about what I make with the food and to let you know if it's worth the price (we each paid $130 for 10 boxes of food). I can't wait to try new veggies and new recipes!

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