New Planters

 For my birthday Bimmer Man brought me to Sunnyside Gardens to pick out new large planters. I LOVE Sunnyside. Their prices are a bit steep for my wallet (don't forget, I can be a cheapskate) so when Bimmer said Sunnyside I was super excited. WOOT!!! (Um, the one from Sunnyside is the orange ceramic one, not the cheapie plastic ones from Home Depot with my herb seedlings).
 And here's the awesome blue one. Yes, I did go for Florida Gators colors. Sort of on purpose but not really. The tall blue one was chipped and it was hot so the tall blue one did not get purchased. And that's fine with me because I really like the orange one. This blue one is pretty cool too.
Instead of more herbs, I did flowers. It's time for some color instead of green foliage and dirt in the backyard. Do I know what the flowers are? Nope, no clue! I just picked out what I thought would be pretty and have some variety.

Quick story: While we were there at some point the power went out so when we got up to the front to check out, the poor high school kid had no clue what he was doing to check us out. Calculating tax is apparently pretty hard math.


Sarah said...

Love the planters! Oh and Go Gators!!

Sarah said...

Love the planters! Oh and Go Gators!