Finally! Master Bedroom Update

 Ignore the dog crate. That's where it stays when we have foster dogs. And where Rusty sleeps so you know... I can't exactly get rid of that yet! Plus it's nice to see pictures of how people really live anyway. So enjoy the mess!
 The opposite side of the room. To the left would be a dresser and a television... Um, not really design worthy.
And a tall shot. You can see that the ceiling slants.

Now for the problem - we've got black out curtains right now but I think what I want to do is get a double curtain rod, hang the black out curtains and then do something fun for the room. OR I could get brown blinds with fun curtains. I have no idea what sort of fabric I would want though.

Paint is Benjamin Moore Ashley Grey.
Striped duvet is from Amazon for $32.

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Whosyergurl said...

looks great. Don't you love it when something is all fresh and new? Smells so good!