Tulips From My Garden

Before the squirrels got to my tulips and daffodils, I decided to cut them and make a bouquet. The squirrels and rabbits get really bad around here so I have to share before they wilt. But my allergies are HATING me right now for gardening so much (more on that later... Pattymctatty will be seeing an allergist ASAP).

I planted a ton of bulbs last fall - maybe close to 125? I don't know, I suppose I could go look in my email to see the total. I even gave bulbs to our fabulous neighbors because I couldn't get them all into the ground fast enough. My favorite this year are the purple tulips. My Columbine made a return (woot!) and so did my Clematis. Below are pics of the tulips and daffodils - I saved the purple tulip for last. There's a bit of blue in the center.

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