Spring Flowers

 We watch Bimmer Man's mom's dog Thunder every once in awhile and we got a fantastic surprise thank you gift on Saturday. Thunder has great taste in flowers, right?
 I've still got Oriental Poppies and Dianthus to plant in the front yard. Dianthus is an annual, but my mom said that it's growing as a perennial in her yard. I'm just going to toss the seeds out in the front beds and see how they do. No worries. The poppies, well, I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with them yet.
 Token Rusty photograph. Awww... Isn't he cute? He looks annoyed with me though. I would be too if I had a camera in my face every day.
Aloe. There was a plant exchange for the neighborhood on Saturday. I brought a spirea and some nettle - someone completely chased me to the check in table to get the spirea. It wasn't doing well in my yard so I was happy to give it to someone that knew what they were doing! I ended up with: aloe, violets and black-eyed susans.

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