New Sewing Project

Top fabric = apron
Blue fabric = napkins
2nd to bottom = Umm.. don't know.. just like the fabric
Bottom = Eh, er, um, don't know... Yep, I just like the fabric
Beginning of the apron project.

Last night was sort of scary. A funnel cloud was spotted maybe 2 miles from our house so my project was put on hold for awhile as Bimmer, Rusty and I huddled in the basement listening to the TV (the tv is now upstairs so the volume was on pretty high). I peeked up the stairs once and it was green and black so I decided to sit back down and wait for the sound of a freight train and to cover up with the couch cushions and blankets to avoid flying debris.

Luckily, that never happened. According to the weather channel on our iPhones, the storm passed us and then suddenly started calming down. Relief.

So I went back to sewing and the idiots who were complaining on facebook of the storm coverage won the battle and they started up The Good Wife. Which was really too bad because had they not been having the weather coverage, we would have never gone into the basement.

So - to the people that complain on facebook about storm coverage, go to CNN and look at pictures of the tornado devastation in Alabama. Then see how you feel when a tornado heads your way. (Ok, my little rant session is over, thanks for reading...)

In any case, this afternoon I'll be finishing up the apron and deciding what I should make with my other fabric.


Lady Buck said...

I think you should use the second-to-last fabric and the bottom fabric to make contrasting pieces for your apron--one for perhaps a line around the hem, or for the ties, and one for pockets?

Patty said...

That's a fantastic idea!