Meet My Pink Bathroom

Did you know that there's this website called Save The Pink Bathroom? Well, let me tell you about my pink bathroom. It's original (except for the white tile surround of the bathtub) and it's pink. Isn't it awesome?

It really is. I even debated over looking for a pink toilet for awhile until I pulled myself back into reality and decided that I wouldn't want a pink toilet. I'll take my pink tile though.
I've seen so many homes built in the same year as my house (1949) with updated bathrooms and I think - what the heck did they do with the AWESOME tile? Might as well embrace the experience of people who peed in the 1950's, right?

If you have a bathroom from the 40's, 50's or 60's, how do you like it?

Our tile is in great shape for being old so I can't justify doing anything to the pink tile. It's the character of our house. It looks like pepto but man, I like having the original bathroom. It's sort of neat when you have visitors and they come out of the bathroom saying, "neat pink bathroom!"


Whosyergurl said...

I like it! The tile is lovely.
hugs, Cheryl

dm said...

My bathroom is from 1950 and i love it. It's white though. The only thing I want is more counter space.

Dallas Shaw said...

I tell my clients when they have something different like this to go big or go home.I'd add even more pink! and maybe some glam touches...