Lessons Learned From Spring Cleaning

1. I sneeze. A lot. Dang allergies.

2. I found 15 plastic bags in the hall closet. Not where they are supposed to be so a few weeks ago when I was picking up dog poop... I should have looked for plastic bags instead of using paper bags.

3. Too many gift bags. Christmas, birthdays, store bags. The next present I give gets a bag from West Elm.

4. I sneeze even more when I start dusting.

5. Which eventually causes a bloody nose.

6. The hall closet is a good hiding spot for gifts... (Note: check for illegal substances when we have future children here, this closet is an endless pit)

 (PS - yes, I know - I'm lazy and didn't want to clean out the closet to paint the inside of the door. I will do that at some point this summer.)

(PPS - Please, this is not an organizing blog, I'm totally making fun of myself by naming this blog "The Organized McTatty)


3 puzzles
1 set of drill bits
3 rolls of tape
1 box of 300 pieces of silverware
2 flower vases
4 candles
Missing camera lens cover
4 bamboo placemats
Bag of nails and screws
The Clapper

Gift card to nice restaurant
Roll of packing tape

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