Indy 500 Checklist

1. Kegs - Mich Golden Light & Surly

2. Food: Pasta salad, fruit salad, veggies + three dips, bruschetta, pulled pork sandwiches, homemade BBQ sauce, Black bean salsa, regular salsa, chips, hummus & pita chips, maybe cous cous something or other?

3. Desserts: Margarita cupcakes, brownies, key lime bars again? Maybe Mississippi Mud Cupcakes?

4. Clean the floors with Bona. Make them pretty

5. Set out rugs at doors so people take their shoes off

6. Clean up the back patio, get outdoor rug so people can go barefoot if they want

7. Dog water dishes

8. Clean the bathrooms, make sure two kegs fit in bathtub

9. Clean kitchen (and really clean it, don't just "wipe it down")

10. Purchase $30 vacuum that works then go and return it. (Ok, mostly kidding on this one but I do need a vacuum)

11. Get pile of crap ready for THE GREAT SWAP

12. Realize that I will need to accept this day as insane and start the day off with a mimosa or similar drink.

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