The Gardening Apron

http://www.designspongeonline.com/I made it. From my post earlier this week, I decided that I really couldn't wait to make it (um, I'm procrastinating cleaning the house for our party, however, I did hang up a curtain to the laundry room, put some clothes away and start grocery shopping so...). Again for a refresher, I used this tutorial from DesignSponge (LOVE DesignSponge!!! If you don't already have it in your Google Reader and you love to craft things... DO IT).

Ignore my crappy I'm-done-working-for-the-day-crap-pants and just check out the apron.
It has three pockets - I recommend NOT using a pen for marking your pocket lines. I'm lazy and just couldn't find the energy to find my chalk pen. GAH. I need to motivate myself to do that next time. BUT, the blue isn't too noticeable unless you're actually looking for it.
The fit is flattering, I tied it a little to high though, but I'm a dork like that.

Overall - this was REALLY easy. Took me two days and about 2 1/2 hours with breaks and trips to get another glass of wine and waiting for my iron to heat up three times.

Definitely recommend.

Next apron I'll probably use a contrasting fabric for the apron body so it doesn't all blend together.

Happy Friday!

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Whosyergurl said...

That is SO. CUTE.
love it.
xo, Cheryl