Easy To Sew Purse

UPDATE: Tutorial & pattern can be found HERE. And I have teal fabric, plus some extra of the green so I think I'm going to make another one for myself this week. WOOT!
Sometimes I get bored and just want to sew. This is an easy project that only takes an afternoon (with you know, a few breaks for some good ol' soap opera drama). And it doesn't use up that much fabric. Now I hate to say it but I lost the link for the tutorial. I'm going to have to find it again but I was way too excited not to share.

The inside is fabric that I purchased at a garage sale. Both fabrics are home decor weight - I wanted something a bit tough for how much I beat up my purses.

So simple and easy!

I promise, I WILL find that link!


The Gardening Apron

http://www.designspongeonline.com/I made it. From my post earlier this week, I decided that I really couldn't wait to make it (um, I'm procrastinating cleaning the house for our party, however, I did hang up a curtain to the laundry room, put some clothes away and start grocery shopping so...). Again for a refresher, I used this tutorial from DesignSponge (LOVE DesignSponge!!! If you don't already have it in your Google Reader and you love to craft things... DO IT).

Ignore my crappy I'm-done-working-for-the-day-crap-pants and just check out the apron.
It has three pockets - I recommend NOT using a pen for marking your pocket lines. I'm lazy and just couldn't find the energy to find my chalk pen. GAH. I need to motivate myself to do that next time. BUT, the blue isn't too noticeable unless you're actually looking for it.
The fit is flattering, I tied it a little to high though, but I'm a dork like that.

Overall - this was REALLY easy. Took me two days and about 2 1/2 hours with breaks and trips to get another glass of wine and waiting for my iron to heat up three times.

Definitely recommend.

Next apron I'll probably use a contrasting fabric for the apron body so it doesn't all blend together.

Happy Friday!


Dining Room & Kitchen Updates

Meh, you don't need to see 10,000 pictures of a small 10 x 12 room. Here's two new pics of the bookshelf I got for the dining room from Ikea. It was $75. Cheap and it fits. Frankly, I needed something to store my cookbooks and other random crap from the kitchen.

At Ikea I saw that the back had been cut so it would fit over the trim - however, our trim is old and original so it's really tall. And unfortunately the cut out isn't big enough, but that's fine. I've come to think of furniture quirks as "homey" and "comfortable" and "non-catalog" for our house. It doesn't look too bad - I wanted something more natural and shorter but now that it's been there for a week, I like how tall it is.
And of course, I filled it with crap the moment I moved it into place. (Please note: we do not have children hence the reason why the liquor bottles are on a lower shelf) I have more cookbooks that I will cram in at some point but I'm liking the less cluttered look. Oh wait, if you don't like clutter don't look at the basket filled with crap.
New rug for the kitchen - I decided that I'm too lazy to buy a rug from Ikea and paint it in a chevron pattern, instead I found this at Pier 1 Imports for $40. Bimmer Man likes it and he doesn't really say too much decor-wise unless it involves a BMW or a Ferrari so... I'm going to have to add in more pattern to the rest of the house.


Meet My Pink Bathroom

Did you know that there's this website called Save The Pink Bathroom? Well, let me tell you about my pink bathroom. It's original (except for the white tile surround of the bathtub) and it's pink. Isn't it awesome?

It really is. I even debated over looking for a pink toilet for awhile until I pulled myself back into reality and decided that I wouldn't want a pink toilet. I'll take my pink tile though.
I've seen so many homes built in the same year as my house (1949) with updated bathrooms and I think - what the heck did they do with the AWESOME tile? Might as well embrace the experience of people who peed in the 1950's, right?

If you have a bathroom from the 40's, 50's or 60's, how do you like it?

Our tile is in great shape for being old so I can't justify doing anything to the pink tile. It's the character of our house. It looks like pepto but man, I like having the original bathroom. It's sort of neat when you have visitors and they come out of the bathroom saying, "neat pink bathroom!"

MISSING: Furminator

Missing: The Furminator

Last seen: Living room about three weeks ago

Reward: A less furry dog

Places I've Already Looked: Living room, all baskets, under tables, under the couch, the hall closet, doggie crap basket (I did find a tennis ball), office and back porch.

Wanted: Any ideas of where else to look for this magic animal de-shedding tool.

Sewing To-Make Projects & Some Link Lovin'

A gardening apron - directions/tutorial from DesignSponge.

An awesome reversible bag WITH ADJUSTABLE STRAPS. Who doesn't love adjustable straps?

Crochet baby blanket made with modern colors (note: nothing about it says baby - which is totally my cup 'o tea).

DIY Roman Shades (it says no-sew, but man, I will be using my sewing machine, I don't exactly trust TAPE holding up shades while I'm peeing).

A door mat from Martha Stewart (wooden and I'm going to paint the slats a different color so it's nice and cheery. And hopefully won't attract gross bugs to live under it like the jute one I have now).

So friends, anyone want to be crafty with me this summer?


Indy 500 Checklist: Update #1

Phew. I'm making progress. Slowly but surely. I can't clean the floors until Saturday night - the dog gets them dirty. So my timeline is posted below my list.

1. Kegs - Mich Golden Light &  Rush River IPA

2. Food: Pasta salad, fruit salad, veggies + three dips, bruschetta, pulled pork sandwiches, homemade BBQ sauce, Black bean salsa, regular salsa, chips, hummus & pita chips, maybe cous cous something or other?

3. Desserts: Margarita cupcakes, brownies, key lime bars again? Maybe Mississippi Mud Cupcakes?

4. Clean the floors with Bona. Make them pretty

5. Set out rugs at doors so people take their shoes off

6. Clean up the back patio, get outdoor rug so people can go barefoot if they want

7. Dog water dishes

8. Clean the bathrooms, make sure two kegs fit in bathtub

9. Clean kitchen (and really clean it, don't just "wipe it down")

10. Purchase $30 vacuum that works then go and return it. (Ok, mostly kidding on this one but I do need a vacuum)

11. Get pile of crap ready for THE GREAT SWAP

12. Realize that I will need to accept this day as insane and start the day off with a mimosa or similar drink.

Timeline for Party Prep:

Friday: Grocery shop, de-clutter
Saturday: Pasta salad, margarita cupcakes, brownies, bruschetta, THE GREAT SWAP
Saturday night: Pulled pork, plate all the salsas & veggie dips (cover tight with plastic wrap), more cleaning, vacuum out the vents for people with allergies & change furnace filter, dust, move furniture, floors
Sunday morning: Fruit salad, cous cous, slice french bread, Swiffer, fill up the TP holders, etc... Sit down, drink beer and don't forget to make the bed


Inspire Me: New Orleans

Via Pinterest here.

Seen here on Pinterest.

Via Pinterest.

Via Pinterest.

Via Pinterest.

Someday New Orleans... I will come and visit...

Tornado Near Us This Past Weekend

I have a video to share with everyone. This home video was shot at a Costco maybe about 2 - 3 miles from our house. From where the tornado is, our house is just south about 3 miles. Where was I when this was happening? Well, sitting in the living room watching the news.

I wanted to share this because we live VERY near downtown Minneapolis and tornadoes in cities are very rare. SO... just a reminder - be safe, find a basement, grab a blanket to cover yourself and wear shoes!


Tulips From My Garden

Before the squirrels got to my tulips and daffodils, I decided to cut them and make a bouquet. The squirrels and rabbits get really bad around here so I have to share before they wilt. But my allergies are HATING me right now for gardening so much (more on that later... Pattymctatty will be seeing an allergist ASAP).

I planted a ton of bulbs last fall - maybe close to 125? I don't know, I suppose I could go look in my email to see the total. I even gave bulbs to our fabulous neighbors because I couldn't get them all into the ground fast enough. My favorite this year are the purple tulips. My Columbine made a return (woot!) and so did my Clematis. Below are pics of the tulips and daffodils - I saved the purple tulip for last. There's a bit of blue in the center.

Black Bean & Corn Tacos

I'm a fan of vegetarian food. I'm a fan of vegetarians. I do like meat but sometimes I get a craving for tacos with black beans and corn. I can't live without them. Oh, and with really spicy salsa. YUM. (And spicy foods are so not Minnesotan... I grew up eating hot dishes, hot dogs, mac & cheese and fresh veggies out of our garden).

I make way more than I can eat to make black bean soup with the leftovers too. The best lunch ever. Delish.

1 can black beans, drained
1/2 bag of frozen corn
Salt & pepper
1 tbsp cumin
1 tbsp chili powder
1 tsp coriander (or less, to taste)
1 good shake of Tabasco
1 small can of tomato paste (or you could use a can of drained diced tomatoes, I guess it doesn't matter as long as you have some form of tomatoes)
1/3 - 1/2 cup water

Taco shells, cheese, salsa, lettuce and whatever other taco toppings you like.

Mix everything together in a pan and let simmer for 10 - 15 minutes or until the liquid has mostly evaporated. You don't want mushy tacos.


Indy 500 Checklist

1. Kegs - Mich Golden Light & Surly

2. Food: Pasta salad, fruit salad, veggies + three dips, bruschetta, pulled pork sandwiches, homemade BBQ sauce, Black bean salsa, regular salsa, chips, hummus & pita chips, maybe cous cous something or other?

3. Desserts: Margarita cupcakes, brownies, key lime bars again? Maybe Mississippi Mud Cupcakes?

4. Clean the floors with Bona. Make them pretty

5. Set out rugs at doors so people take their shoes off

6. Clean up the back patio, get outdoor rug so people can go barefoot if they want

7. Dog water dishes

8. Clean the bathrooms, make sure two kegs fit in bathtub

9. Clean kitchen (and really clean it, don't just "wipe it down")

10. Purchase $30 vacuum that works then go and return it. (Ok, mostly kidding on this one but I do need a vacuum)

11. Get pile of crap ready for THE GREAT SWAP

12. Realize that I will need to accept this day as insane and start the day off with a mimosa or similar drink.


It's Friday and I Want These

Yeah, yeah... I know I just got a pair of Frye boots, but I'm telling you - I'm OBSESSED with boots.

And these are next on my checklist to add to my closet.

The Deborah Studded boots. But I refuse to post the cost. I will not do it because it's going to take me a LONG time to save up for these boots. I hope Frye still exists by the time I've saved up enough money...


Oops, There Goes The Basil

I dropped a whole tray of seedlings so I just picked up the pile of dirt and tossed it in the container. We shall if my basil still grows. Oops.

Rusty even gave me his stink eye (which is pictured below). Also - don't try to vacuum up the dirt when it's still wet with a really awful vacuum. It doesn't really work all that well.


Spring Flowers

 We watch Bimmer Man's mom's dog Thunder every once in awhile and we got a fantastic surprise thank you gift on Saturday. Thunder has great taste in flowers, right?
 I've still got Oriental Poppies and Dianthus to plant in the front yard. Dianthus is an annual, but my mom said that it's growing as a perennial in her yard. I'm just going to toss the seeds out in the front beds and see how they do. No worries. The poppies, well, I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with them yet.
 Token Rusty photograph. Awww... Isn't he cute? He looks annoyed with me though. I would be too if I had a camera in my face every day.
Aloe. There was a plant exchange for the neighborhood on Saturday. I brought a spirea and some nettle - someone completely chased me to the check in table to get the spirea. It wasn't doing well in my yard so I was happy to give it to someone that knew what they were doing! I ended up with: aloe, violets and black-eyed susans.

New Sewing Project

Top fabric = apron
Blue fabric = napkins
2nd to bottom = Umm.. don't know.. just like the fabric
Bottom = Eh, er, um, don't know... Yep, I just like the fabric
Beginning of the apron project.

Last night was sort of scary. A funnel cloud was spotted maybe 2 miles from our house so my project was put on hold for awhile as Bimmer, Rusty and I huddled in the basement listening to the TV (the tv is now upstairs so the volume was on pretty high). I peeked up the stairs once and it was green and black so I decided to sit back down and wait for the sound of a freight train and to cover up with the couch cushions and blankets to avoid flying debris.

Luckily, that never happened. According to the weather channel on our iPhones, the storm passed us and then suddenly started calming down. Relief.

So I went back to sewing and the idiots who were complaining on facebook of the storm coverage won the battle and they started up The Good Wife. Which was really too bad because had they not been having the weather coverage, we would have never gone into the basement.

So - to the people that complain on facebook about storm coverage, go to CNN and look at pictures of the tornado devastation in Alabama. Then see how you feel when a tornado heads your way. (Ok, my little rant session is over, thanks for reading...)

In any case, this afternoon I'll be finishing up the apron and deciding what I should make with my other fabric.

No Mudroom, I've Resorted to This

Below are pictures of a problem spot in my house. We have no mudroom. We have no room under the sink for the garbage and recycling bins. It's awful. And I don't know what to do anymore. Anyone have any recommendations?

I'm thinking about purchasing a Simple Human garbage can, but then that still leaves me with the problem of recycling. And I hate using paper bags.

So I guess I'm stuck with ugly for awhile unless there's some magical fantastic 3 bin garbage/recycling container out there that can handle cardboard too.

P.S. If you know of any fantastic and magical device, please let me know. Thanks.


The Bench Is Red


The ugly old thing which looked like it was going to fall apart if you sat on (it felt like it too...) is now red. I took the time to spray paint it this weekend and I like it even more. It doesn't look so wobbly anymore AND I have a piece of painted furniture.

It didn't need to be sanded, the surface was pretty rough already. I just wiped it down and then used a candy apple red spray paint. One can covered it all - if I was really ambitious I would go out and buy another can and put another layer on. Since it was wobbly, I tightened up the legs too. 

AWESOME. Well, kind of. I'm easily amused.


Lessons Learned From Spring Cleaning

1. I sneeze. A lot. Dang allergies.

2. I found 15 plastic bags in the hall closet. Not where they are supposed to be so a few weeks ago when I was picking up dog poop... I should have looked for plastic bags instead of using paper bags.

3. Too many gift bags. Christmas, birthdays, store bags. The next present I give gets a bag from West Elm.

4. I sneeze even more when I start dusting.

5. Which eventually causes a bloody nose.

6. The hall closet is a good hiding spot for gifts... (Note: check for illegal substances when we have future children here, this closet is an endless pit)

 (PS - yes, I know - I'm lazy and didn't want to clean out the closet to paint the inside of the door. I will do that at some point this summer.)

(PPS - Please, this is not an organizing blog, I'm totally making fun of myself by naming this blog "The Organized McTatty)


3 puzzles
1 set of drill bits
3 rolls of tape
1 box of 300 pieces of silverware
2 flower vases
4 candles
Missing camera lens cover
4 bamboo placemats
Bag of nails and screws
The Clapper

Gift card to nice restaurant
Roll of packing tape

Psst... I've Got Something For Everyone To Read...

Meet Mary. She has an AWESOME old house. I think you'll enjoy her blog.

P.P.S. I drooled when I saw the photos of her home. I swear I had to pick up my chin and wipe a smidge of drool from my desk.

P.P.P.S. And if you want to follow her on Pinterest... go right ahead!


Help & Poll - Artwork

So I need some help here.

Which one?



Gah. I don't know. We need color and I like the saying. I like the print but I feel it's a bit trendy (though who says you can't re-decorate, right?) but I want to do it anyway. Everything is pretty much gray. I ordered a colorful photo frame for the dresser so I've got more color... it's just the ARTWORK that I can never seem to get right.

Tell me your thoughts!


Chevron Rugs

This morning I am on a serious rug kick. I want a new rug for the living room and I found a fantastic rug on One Kings Lane, but it was still out of the budget for now and I know in about 4 months (this number is random, not specific), I'm going to be totally kicking myself for not buying it.

But I can't share it with you because I can't right click and then linky to the image so I have to be a good blogger and not steal an image (but if I'm promoting it, is it really stealing or is it not? I don't know... I link to where they are from to cover my rear end legally and I haven't gotten any complaints, but if I did get a complaint then I would fix it so...). Sorry, I'm rambling.

Let's get on with this post.

I'm in lust with chevron patterns right now. This rug can be found at Urban Outfitters for $69.

West Elm Zig Zag rug - from $49 to $699

And goodness gracious, how in the world could I ever forget Trina Turk? The one above is a 3x5 listed at $160 from Rosenberry Rooms. LOVE IT.

The chevron pattern is pretty hot right now in the world of decor (but, really now, decor is one of those things where people love it or hate it) and I really like stripes too, but I think retro is making an awesome comeback.

Now... to just make some more money so I can get a rug...

Happy Tuesday!

I'm Back

After a stressful week, I'm totally back.

The 20 year old washing machine died on me and now we have a new HE washing machine. It's pretty cool. Nope, it's cooler than cool. It's AWESOME. I had almost the whole laundry pile done (we have serious laundry piles, I only do laundry when I run out of underwear) in about 5 loads instead of 15. AWESOME.

However, I had to do some serious damage to the door frame to the laundry room to get the washing machine into the laundry room. Some person living in the house before us decided to get a new furnace. Well, the furnace partially blocks the door. I don't know how they did NOT notice that and say, "Dude, installation guy, we're going to need new appliances so fix it!" And now we're dealing with the fallout of a previous owner's decision.

Live and learn, right?

And so you will all be learning with me when I decide that it's time for me to fix the door frame. I broke it, so I'm going to have to fix it.

At least I have safety glasses.