Pseudo Shrimp Scampi

Shallots, no onions, just chop until you feel like it.
Butter, shrimp, chicken broth (or white wine), salt and pepper.
Boil the peas in the last few minutes with the pasta. Combine all into a bowl with some fresh grated parmesan and there you go.

Doesn't this look similar to a recipe I made earlier? Well, it is... I kind of took the pea-cooking suggestion a bit too far and now that's all I can think about. Peas. Peas. Peas with pasta. YUM.

Coming up this week:

1. My seedlings are growing like weeds
2. The painting in the bedroom is well, I'm slacking on it
3. Some more recipes

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besswess said...

Looks delicious as usual! :) P.S. I love mixing in peas...mmmmmm