10 Things: Too Much To-Do

In Honor of My 10 Random Facts posts that I do when I'm bored, I've decided instead to post a to-do post. If you have a to-do list, feel free to link to it! I need to make myself feel better knowing that other people have stuff to do too.

1. Buy the awesome paint for the bedroom this afternoon

2. Buy more white paint for trim

3. Buy paint two shades (oops, I mean tints, heck, I was an ART MAJOR) lighter than Martha Stewart's Rainfall for the master bathroom

4. Make a set of napkins.

5. Well, buy fabric for one more napkin to make a set of four (they're going to be double sided with some edging stuff... forgot the name of the whatever-it's-called, rick rack??)

6. Clean the toilets

7. Give the dog a bath

8. Try not to pull my hair out (it's in that in between stage, so one half of my head is flat and the other side is curly, not really the type of hair you show yourself to the public with)

9. Rake and clean up the backyard

10. Maybe sit down and watch television. Oh, wait, no, sorry... don't have time for that today!

11. (I added this in, sorry) Charge cell phone.

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