Yarn Wreath For The Front Door

 I've been feeling mighty crafty lately. As in I've made two crocheted scarves, I'm working on a second yarn wreath (it's gray with fuschia & orange flowers, then I'm going to figure out how to make leaves out of felt) and I got new photo cards in the mail to make up some thank you notes and birthday cards for the family members. And I haven't yet mentioned my new sewing book, One Yard Wonders which I pretty much want to make everything in it. So my to-do list is sort of long so bear with me when I post craft stuff if you're not interested.
To make this wreath, I followed this tutorial here. It was really easy - but the longest part was wrapping the yarn around the wreath. I got through three episodes of Shameless on Showtime and I was mostly done. Not to mention that about halfway through, I sort of got distracted and kept pulling tangled yarn out of the middle of the wreath so it was sort of a mess.

Tip #1: There's obviously 2 ends to a ball of yarn. Start from the outside of the yarn ball instead of the inside, you won't have as many tangle issues as I did. I'm used to pulling yarn out of the middle for crochet so I kept screwing myself over.

Tip #2: Watch good television. It'll get you through the 60% - 100% mark of the yarn wrapping.

Tip #3: No homemade craft is perfect. It's ok if you screw up and don't get the wrapping straight. It makes it look better anyway.

Also - for making the felt flowers, they're super easy, but remember to keep them tight so that way when you go to get your hot glue gun and can't find it, the flowers will stay in place while you make a quick trip to Michael's for a new glue gun - and remember to get a "high heat" glue gun so that it's flexible enough to use on other projects too.

Anyone want a wreath?

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Lady Buck said...

I love this!!!!! Maybe next time you make one, we can do it together? I want to make one for our door!!!