A Rack Of Ribs (Live Blogging)

 These are cooking in my kitchen. RIGHT NOW. And it smells so good!
But on the flip side - I have no idea if this is wine or not. I bought it because it was cheaper than $13 at Costco. It tastes awful. But I still put it in the pot to deglaze the pan anyway.

Behind it - my special BBQ sauce. Sort of - tomato sauce, worcestershire sauce, honey, hot sauce, pepper and soy sauce. Just mix it together and throw it in the pot.


My Blonde Moments - Sharon said...

Oh YUM! I've got an airline ticket with your name on it if you should ever want to test out my kitchen...I'll dust off all the appliances for you! lol :)

Enjoy your dinner...it sounds promising!

Anonymous said...

Patty, you are such a great cook! That looks delicious. Miss you so much!