Inspiration Prints for Basement

Being from Minneapolis and happening upon prints from favorites locales... I can't help but buy them and be in love.

I was thinking about doing 3 or 4 prints - 8x12, framing them in awesome frames and then doing some sort of photo gallery with family photos, vacation prints, etc...
 These are fantastic and personal plus I feel like they really reflect mine and Bimmer Man's personalities, home and our favorite places to be.
 Minnesota. Not so great in the winter but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the summer (Ok, so that's my new motto to get me through the winter).

Luckily, these prints are available to the public and they are VERY reasonably priced. $16 for an un-framed 8x10 print and $25 for an un-framed 16x20 print.

Thank goodness for the Minnesota Historical Society - I'm pretty much going to rush off and order the ones I've featured above!

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