Happy Birthday Bimmer Man

Ok, well for the blog... It's really happy belated birthday, Bimmer Man, but still. By the way Bimmer, you took your own birthday picture. So yes, it does get put on the blog. Any picture on my camera is fair game. But I think you already knew that!

I got the best surprise ever - I was uploading pics for the blog when I found these AWESOME photos.

And I do have to say that we have the best friends. They're nice, caring, open, honest and most importantly - they have a sense of humor. We've known the Dog Lady (as Bimmer calls her) and her husband for a very long time. Bimmer has known Stelly for longer than he's known me - so longer than 9 years (ACK!! 9 YEARS!!). We've been friends through tough times - fraternity days, crazy weddings and hundreds of miles. We actually introduced these two and now they're married (WOOT!!) and now they (ok, mostly she) rescues dogs. And cats.  And I'm very, very proud to have them as friends:

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besswess said...

Happy BDay CJ!