Bedroom Inspiration

Image found on Design Sponge. I also added it to my Pinterest.

I want our master bedroom to look like this. I love the wall color. I want the stripes. And it just looks so freakin' comfy.

So today when I was putting away clean laundry I decided to do something that I probably should not do. Ok, well, really, in design and decorating is there really anything that you're not supposed to do? (Maybe I shouldn't ask that question).


I searched for the stupid tool and started unscrewing everything.

Then I pulled it off and WHAM!!!

Our bed looks bigger than full size. I can actually see the room. When I change the channel on the remote I don't have to press it like five times because the footboard is in the way.

And our bedroom looks clean.

In the meantime Bimmer was out in the garage. I didn't really say anything and then I slowly stuck it into some random thing that we were talking about. And I said it sort of quickly.


He ran upstairs. And less than 10 seconds went by (I was getting ready to go back upstairs and put the stupid metal thing back on), he appeared at the top of the stairs with a thumbs up and said, "I hated that thing anyway."

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Whosyergurl said...

I hate a foot board because you can't sit on the end of the bed. Our bedroom is one of the two rooms that we haven't done, yet. I am ready!