What Gets Better With Age?

And again, this comes from the Daily Post, however, as you can tell I don't really do daily posts. I try as hard as I possibly can but then I epically fail. Why? Well, maybe it's because I'm a Gemini and I lose interest. Or I don't really finish projects. Meh, who knows?

In any case, the daily post the other day was (Ok, so I pick and choose, who can blame me?):

What gets better with age?

And my answer:
I'm not that old. But leftovers. Like tripleberry tarts, spaghetti sauce and chili. YUM.

But I do like gardening a heck of a lot more. I don't have plant names memorized like my mom does, but dang, I definitely enjoy watching my garden thrive! I know it's going to get better and better!

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Anonymous said...

I said sex gets better with age. I think it is true. Oh and you are so right about certain food. Add homemade salsa in there too!