Sniffle. Sneeze. Cough. Cough.

Too much snot.

I ended up with a cold after going to a Super Bowl party.

1. I'm not around kids.
2. I'm barely around other adults.
3. Immune system? What the heck is that?

Yep, so now I'm at the point where when I even feel the slightest need to sneeze, there MUST be a tissue in my hands otherwise snot will be all over my left sleeve and my right eye will be watering like someone just hit me in the face.

And the only medicine that seemed to help: Afrin Nasal Spray.


So I'm back to being semi-miserable, congested and sounding like a goose is holding my nose closed.

Oh, well. So is life in Minnesota.

Maybe I should work around more people so I can be exposed to more germs.

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Marauge said...

Have you tried Thieves Oil? I put a few drops in a 4-oz. spray bottle, fill it with water, spray my mouth a couple times a day, and I haven't been sick at all since I began this over a year ago. I also put a few drops in my bottle of hand lotion.

The recipe has an interesting history of preventing bubonic plague; the common cold is no match for it!