Pier 1 Score Yesterday

I got a 10 bottle wine rack for $14.99.

Honestly, I just stopped because I had some money in my "fun money" account and sort of wanted to spend a little. Really, I'm saving up for some sort of small buffet for the dining room or some chairs for the living room. Whatever I happen to save up for first. The wine rack will go somewhere in the living room. Not sure yet, maybe on top of the Ikea bookshelf in the back corner. I also saw this for $28:

and a really awesome window picture frame for $40. I can't find it on their website, but I think I'm going to go back and get it after work today.

I have some awesome old black and white photos of my family (think 1800's) that would look really nice in it. I might even get the one above to hang some old postcards in too - and take down the super cheap card holder in the dining room - meh, we shall see how much I want to spend after work!

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