Fabric. I'm In Love

Ever since I received a sewing machine, not only am I obsessed with fabric but I've been searching high and low for an owl print.

Where will this owl print go, you might ask? Well. I. Don't. Know.

I just like owls. Can a girl just like something?

Alexander Henry has some absolutely awesome fabric and now I really want to make something but i don't know what to make quite yet.

Throw pillows?
Pillow cases?
Market bags?
Reusable grocery bags?
Dog collars?
Quick little make up bags?
Tea towels?

The possibilities are endless...

And no, I don't make clothes. If I did, they would probably look like a paper bag fell from Cub Foods and tore a few holes on the way down. 

So, my goal for the month of February is to make something. I don't care what. I just need to make something.

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