Holy buckets!

Weather channel says mostly sunny and 35. Tomorrow - we're supposed to break 40 degrees! This hasn't happened since last year!

On today's agenda:

1. Buying yarn so I can make a zig-zag crochet blanket
2. Possibly making a wreath for Valentine's Day (but frankly, it's been so dang cold that our winter wreath still looks pretty good!)
3. Prying open the outdoor composter and shoving this winter's greens and stuff inside (yeah, I haven't been able to take anything out since the heat of the composter melted snow and then it froze shut, I have to do something about that for next year)
4. Trying not to cough or sneeze on anyone.


5. Maybe downloading the new Decemberists album. We shall see.

I love it when it starts to get warm! It gives me hope that this snow might one day be gone! WOOT!!

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Sarah said...

The new decemberists cd is good! Enjoy!