Inspired by White

Last night I was perusing Country Living and realized that yes, I did miss this magazine because:

1. My mom reads it and it makes me think of her;

2. I like "country" style but I like "modern country" more;

3. White is really awesome for decorating.

Check out this AWESOME fireplace and the really chic sofas. I love how the leather chair is incorporated into the room and it fits perfectly.
And this room is so crisp and clean. It makes me want to sit down with a good book and cup of tea. Or maybe a nice big glass of spiked sweet tea (Oh, Jeremiah Weed, I do love you!). Beach houses are just great for the clean, white look. It's airy and inviting.

And the above pictures make me so happy that I painted all the trim (except for three rooms and some windows) all white.

Happy Friday!

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