Dining Room Storage - I NEED It

We have a clutter problem. Since I use the dining room table as a drop spot for mail, it ends up completely cluttered and overwhelmed by the end of the week. And then stays that way until we have company. I've resolved to get some sort of buffet, sideboard, bench thingy, hooks, I don't care what.... to hold excess dishes and clutter from the kitchen, wine, maybe the booze... I don't know...

I just know that I can't stand the cluttered dining room table anymore and I need more storage.

Isn't that a lot of people's problems? Needing storage? We need storage in lots of areas of this house but I'm definitely starting with the dining room first!
Exmoor Console, $399

Sonoma Console, $269 I like how open this is, but I think I want to cover up some of our crap. I think I'd make it look way too cluttered even though open storage supposedly "opens up" spaces. Not in mine.

Leksvik, $279 I was at Ikea this past weekend and saw this in black/brown. It might look nice, but I'm undecided on the height, I was hoping for something shorter so that I don't have to move a piece of artwork AND I could put vases of flowers on it throughout the seasons. Well, fake flowers in the winter.

Stornas, $449  There's also this one, but I don't like the color. I'm going for warm tones, black or antique white.

I think I'm at the point where I just can't "buy something" anymore because I want it to be nice. Does that make sense? Before I'd go to Ikea, pick out the cheapest and say, that's it! Now, I would like nice furniture and I want to love it forever... I need to go antiquing this summer and search for deals (guest bedroom furniture, sideboard, chairs, sofa, etc... Maybe I can convince Bimmer Man to buy a trailer...).

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