Thanksgiving Inspirations

I'm thinking I'm liking the natural and organic elements this year. I mean, I like wood serving pieces, I like recycled glass, I like tea tree oil, and man, I think I'm turning into a Modern Hippie. Ok, not really because I like my Diet Mountain Dew and I do NOT own any Birkenstocks. Seriously, no Birkenstocks will be found in my house.

Moving on, here's some of my inspirations to go more natural in my serveware:

Horchow Natural Wood 4 section tray - $35.00

Pottery Barn Vintage Wood Cheese Boards - $15 - $29

Pottery Barn Found Baguette Board - SALE - $99

The Natural Abode 100% Recycled Drinking Glass - $4.95 Each

Gaiam Cinnamon Coaster - $24

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