Take A Tour of My Second Floor

So you know how I've been saying I've been busy? Well, let's see why. I'm painting upstairs and I might need some opinions, so please comment if you want to.
The new water softener will be installed this weekend. Hopefully. (Bimmer, you reading this?)
This is how Rusty chews on a Nylabone. And yes, he's lost 2 lbs, so he's not as fat as he was 2 weeks ago.
Decker, checking out Rusty and will try and get him to play.
The painting we got at the State Fair. It's pretty cool, right?
Now... onto the meat of this post. Here's the stairs going up. The living room is to the left, the dining room is to the right.
Now, shall I paint these walls too? The one with the window and the walls on both sides of the stairs? Yes? No?
Here's the closet at the top of the stairs and the new paint color. I will show you the old paint color in just a minute. The trim is now white, the walls are Martha Stewart Rainfall.
Nice blue and calm. Now - the stairs going down are to the left, and straight ahead is a dressing room and then the master bath. Closets are on the right.
Another one, Decker had to jump in the photo.
Here's the dressing room. Bimmer's dresser is to the left, crate is to the right, skylight to the right, master bedroom to the left, bathroom straight ahead. Disregard the mess. I didn't get it all cleaned up before Decker came. Also, should I paint that wall that's white now? Opinions please...
AHA!!! THere's that awful green. It makes me feel super jittery and a little unsettled. The blue is little and more calming. The green is just not great. Oh, well, I'm getting rid of it. This view is from standing in the bathroom and looking back at the dressing room and closets.
Here's a better look down the hallway and back to the stairs. That light fixture is awful too. That will be replace eventually.
Here's the new hook from Restoration Hardware for bathrobes and towels. I'm also painting the trim in the bathroom white. Brighter and easier to clean. Plus I just like white trim.
And old door knob on the bathroom closet.
The door knob that Bimmer Man pulled out of his closet door.
And the new knobs that are now on the closet doors. Awesome, right?

I wish I had before pictures, but I don't. Sorry. Too ugly to even think about!

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Anonymous said...

Love the Rainfall.
Don't know what to say about painting everything blue. Such a tough decision. I like uniformity, but everything in blue might be too much.
Love the new hook.