So You Want To Foster? Here's A Checklist -

Of items that you'll need to keep your sanity.

We've fostered LOTS of dogs. And we've learned. A LOT. No, really, we have. We've learned things like:

1. Do not leave a dog that likes to chew unattended. A PS3 cord may be the item being chewed on.
2. Don't get attached to your carpet. It will be peed and pooped on.
3. Don't be afraid of diarrhea or puke. It happens. Think of it as practice for when you have kids.
4. Do have lots of chew toys.
5. Figure out the best place to buy bully sticks
6. Patience. Have a lot of it.

Ok, now here's a checklist of what you need:

1. Nature's Miracle Advanced Stain and Odor Formula 128oz (Gallon)
2. Dog dish
3. Another crate. Or maybe two more.
4. Extra leash
5. Another Halti or Gentle Leader or Gentle Harness
6. Double the dog food
7. Big bin for the foster's dog food, especially if they eat something different, and label it
8. Double the poop bags
9. Vinegar/water mix for cleaning
10. Paper towels
11. Vacuum or Swiffer for dog fur
12. Chew toys
13. Bully sticks
14. Contact information for the rescue, especially the emergency contact information AND their vet's info
15. The nearest pet store's address
16. Rescue Remedy - Rescue Remedy Pet, 10 ml ( Multi-Pack)
17. Patience
18. More patience
19. Lots of tears for when your foster gets adopted

Sometimes I forget that I'm actually organized when it counts. Well, for some things anyway. Mostly I'm disorganized. But when we have a foster, I know where everything is and I try and stay as organized as possible. You don't want anything chewed up or peed on. At all. Trust me. Pee does not smell good, especially when you put on a shirt that you know was clean the day before.

Have a great night!

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