The Living Room Updated

 New curtains. Ignore the crap. My book club had a swap and I have three things left to take to Goodwill.

1. New rug - Ikea for $19.99
2. New plain white curtains - Ikea $14.99 per pair
3. The yellow walls, I painted. Woo hoo!!!
4. Ignore the book on the rug. It's to make it lay flat.
 Living room from the front door.
Please note:
1. Ignore how low the picture is. We have plaster walls and I've neglected to raise the picture for this reason alone. Plaster is a pain in the ass to work with, hang photos, etc...
2. Also ignore the GREEN DREAM MACHINE couch. It's old as dirt and unfortunately we're not getting rid of it quite yet. We had a sewer problem and then the water softener conked out so the couch is on the backburner.
3. Ignore the piles of crap due to my laziness of not cleaning up in awhile.

And no, you cannot see the entryway because, well, it's dirty and I have to clean and move some rugs.

So yeah, it's still a work in progress but whatevs... slowly but surely we'll have a put together living room in maybe another year or so.

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